Welcome to Parties To Go! The new concept to allow you the freedom of planning your own party with a little assistance.  Parties to go have limitless options and are available for any size party, any type of event in any theme or color!  We provide disposable goods or rentals, delivery or pick up with the freedom of add-on's and a la cart items. The packages have been preset but each package is completely customizable by you!  Check out our packages below and let's get this party started!










Choose ONE of the following Menu Items:

  • CANDY BUFFET: Includes all edible candy items
  • POPCORN STATION: Includes all edible popcorn with seasonings
  • CHIP STATION: Includes a variety of Chips with seasonings and dips
  • SALTY AND SWEET: Includes a mixture of both Salty treats and Sweet treats 

Includes: Containers, Scoops, Bag/Box for Guests to fill and Custom table top Sign.  Includes all disposable items in solid or patterned color. All items will have a custom stamped tag or label. 

PARTIES TO GO are pre-packaged based on your guest count. Any party or event over the guest count of 100 will require a custom package. Please contact us for details.

  • MINI - 20 guests (24) - 5-6 items
  • SMALL - 40 guests (48) - 5-6 items
  • MEDIUM - 60 guests (64) - 6-8 items
  • LARGE - 75 guests (80) - 8-10 items
  • X LARGE - 100 (108) - 10-15 items

Parties to go - stage 1a

Choose ONE of the Menu Items above. This package includes: Containers, Scoops, Bag/Box for guests to fill and Custom table top Sign. Also includes all DISPOSABLE items in solid color or patterned color. All items will be in the color of your choice and will have a custom stamped tag or label. All items will be purchased, decorated and pre-packaged for pick up in a disposable tote. Best thing about this package is it's all yours! We do the work and you simply pick it up and place it out and boom...your scene is set and you're ready to party.


Choose TWO of the Menu Items above. This package includes all of the above listed in Stage 1A but includes your choice of TWO options from the menu above vs one.


Increase your count by ONE 

Upgrade to RENTALS (Choose one of the following containers: Crystal, Milk Glass, Rustic Pails, Glass)

Add SWEETS (Includes your choice of two: Custom Cake Pops, Cup Cakes or Cookies)

Add Custom Cake 

Add Delivery, Set up and Pick up Options

Add Paper Goods (Pick One of each in solid, pattern or theme of your choice)

  • Plates: Dessert | Dinner
  • Napkins: Beverage | Lunch
  • Cutlery: Forks | Spoons
  • Cups: Small | Large
  • Straws: plastic | paper w/color or design

Thanks You's or Favors- Includes: Bags/Box with custom Stamp or Label (available filled or empty)

Custom Labels or Tags 

Custom Banners or Signs:

  • Welcome Sign
  • Cards Sign
  • Birthday Banner
  • Mini Cards Banner