Great Events. It’s a family thing….

Stages Great Events, LLC is a family owned business made up of three great ladies from Southeast Texas named Sarah, Tiffany and Angel.  STAGES is an acronym short for Sarah, Tiffany, Angel, Great, Events! Sarah is Tiffany’s Mother and Sarah and Tiffany are Angel’s cousins.  We have talked for many years about going into business together and the timing happened to be perfect for all three of us so Angel moved to Spring and here we are.  Stages Great Events is located in Spring, Texas and was established in January 2018!

We want to take a minute to send special thanks to our families, friends, vendors and new clients who are currently supporting us and who continue to keep pushing us to become greater and to break boundaries that we haven’t even dreamt of yet.  We believe in this life anything is possible with hard work, commitment and with God in our lives and our very special Guardian Angel above we do know that not even the sky is the limit!

Planning great events for all stages of your life!

Please click below to learn more about each of us and how our journey’s led us here together.